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Women bikers are just as susceptible to having a bad motorcycle accident as men bikers. Heaven forbid that any of you women riders ever have one. However, it does happen. If it ever happened to you, how would you handle it? Would you be able to get back in the saddle again?

Getting back on a motorcycle after having a serious accident can be a very traumatic for any motorcycle woman, if not an impossible thing to do. Most of the women riders that I have talked to after a crash had lost their interest in riding a motorcycle, and most never go back on one. This is a shame.

Of course it is expected that, after a traumatic experience like crashing on your motorcycle,
most women riders will experience fear and a lack of self confidence. Don’t let fear take away a lifestyle that you have hoped for so long.
Riding a motorcycle is a choice every motorcycle woman has struggled over whether they have or haven’t been in an accident. Although this decision to get back up on a motorcycle can be magnified a thousand time if fear after an accident is present.

Motorcycle woman Brenda Bates, MA, CHt. has written an absolutely wonderful book about; how to overcome fear of riding after a motorcycle accident. Brenda’s book “Back in the Saddle Again” Will help any women motorcyclist overcome the fear of riding after a motorcycle accident.

Here is a quote from Brenda’s book.

“With the aid of this book, you will learn how to recognize the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, and you will learn how to manage them. You will discover common, psychological issues motorcyclists are often confronted with after an accident. Through case examples, you will become familiar with others who have been in the same psychological state, and should you decide that you want to continue to ride, this book will help you to get "back in the saddle again" Brenda Bates.
This book is not just for those men and women riders that ride their own bike. It is also for anyone that has a fear of riding because a friend or loved one that has been in a crash. Maybe you were a passenger on the back of a motorcycle that was involved in an accident; this book will help you too.

I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Brenda’ book and read it if you have been in an accident or even if you haven’t. The insight that Brenda Bates brings to “Back in the Saddle Again” can help any motorcycle rider overcome their fear of riding.

Here is what other professional have to say about “Back in the Saddle Again.”

"Back in the Saddle Again is valuable reading for mental health professionals working with adults who have had a life-threatening experience. Bates presents a flexible plan back to the mastery of biking. She clearly explains PTSD and existential psychology in a voice easily understood by all. As an experienced motorcyclist and a seasoned clinician, Bates offers the post-accident motorcyclist a way to understand and manage freedom from fear."
Nicholas DeMara, Ph.D.

"Brenda Bates' Book Back in the Saddle Again provides an invaluable psychological tool for motorcyclists who have lost confidence in their ability to ride after a motorcycle crash. Step by step, chapter by chapter, Ms. Bates takes the reader on an intelligent course in recovery that is well researched and patient. The fact that Brenda Bates rides motorcycles both on and off road gives this book added credibility. Bates clearly knows her subject. Highly recommended."
Brian Halton
Publisher and Founder, Citybike

The number of women that ride motorcycles has grown to 30% of the total motorcycle riders in America. So it stands to reason that, unfortunately some will have an accident. The question is if you are one of the unfortunate woman riders that end up in a crash, will you get back up, dust yourself off and get “Back in the Saddle Again?”  

Not to coin a phrase or sound corny but, you have come a long way baby. Listen biker girl don’t let a little thing like a crash stop you from being the biker woman you have always wanted to be. Buy “Back in the Saddle Again” By Brenda Bates from Psych Publishing.

Ride Safe all you women riders out there and represent the sisterhood of motorcycle women.


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