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Brenda Bates, M.A. C.H.t, is available for confidential phone consultations, specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder relating to motorcycling accidents, both for those injured and their loved ones; and relationship issues around motorcycling.

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How to Overcome Fear of Riding After a Motorcycle Accident

"Back in the Saddle Again is valuable reading for mental health professionals working with adults who have had a Iife threatening experience. Bates presents a flexible plan back to the mastery of biking. She clearly explains PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)and existential psychology in a voice easily understood by all. As an experienced motorcyclist and a seasoned clinician, Bates offers the post-accident motorcyclist a way to understand and manage freedom from fear." Nicholas DeMara. Ph.D. , Psychologist

"Brenda Bates' book Back in the Saddle Again provides an invaluable psychological tool for motorcyclists who have lost confidence in their ability to ride after a motorcycle crash. Step by step, chapter by chapter. Ms. Bates takes the reader on an intelligent course in recovery that is well researched and patient. The fact that Brenda Bates rides motorcycles both on and off road gives this book added credibility. Bates clearly knows her subject. Highly recommended ."
Brian Halton, Publisher and Founder, CityBike

"The articulate manner of Brenda's writing expresses, formulates, and presents clearly why all motorcyclists have the passion to ride. Her philosophical approach erases and invalidates the fear of death...with life." Garry Van Kirk
Bikers Accident Survivor Forum

"It's obvious Brenda's done a tremendous amount of research into the mental aspects of post-crash trauma and her book will surely help anyone who finds themselves in that situation. As an avid rider, her ability to empathize and make real-world suggestions mean she's truly an expert to listen to."
Joel Keller, Red Hot Riders (San Diego)

"Riding a motorcycle is an extremely personal, enchanting and often times spiritual experience. When an accident happens, the tragedy is haunting on so many levels. The rider is left not with just an injured body, but with an injured soul and an injured psyche because of the extreme attachment to the activity of riding their beloved motorcycle, the quest for adventure and so forth.

Brenda L. Bate's book, Back in the Saddle Again, is very important to the recovery process of the rider on all levels. And, based upon it's unique philosophy from this motorcycle riding doctor of psychology, the book is a practical read not just for the injured rider, but for anyone seeking enlightenment and healing based upon the metaphors and archetype of the motorcycle and the ride. I highly recommend this book based on my own personal experiences as a caregiver to a severely injured rider who is now back in the saddle again."
Sasha Mullins, Bikerlady, Inc., author of Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free,

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